How does it work?

A mix of constantly updated algorithm and team of experts

Just click on the START NOW button located at the top right to sign up for the platform. You will have access to the exclusive and very precious resources of the NBA Player System with the possibility of personally checking the operation of the algorithm and get yourself familiar with the predictions of the Analysis Team.

Choose the plan that best reflects your needs based on your profile and the goals you want to achieve. The plans we offer are designed to bring a manageable and controlled return that has nothing to do with gambling and the risk of losing all of your capital all of a sudden. The risk level is always under control because we want you to have the best performance over the long term.

The predictions on the NBA will reach you almost daily by email. At your disposal you will have an analysis, a report and an updated graph based on our NBA Players SYSTEM algorithm (also of the NBA Grow Fund if you had subscribed to the EXCLUSIVE plan).

The only thing you will have to do is follow the directions our experts will give you and bet constantly. When you receive the predictions, you will have to play a single bet, separating them all.

sottoscritto il piano EXCLUSIVE).
L’unica cosa che dovrai fare sarà seguire le indicazioni che ti daranno i nostri esperti e puntare in modo costante. Quando riceverai i pronostici, dovrai giocare una scommessa singola, separandole tutte e sempre con costanza. 

+ And then there's your advisor

If you have enrolled in a Platinum or Exclusive plan you will receive the support of your personal consultant who will help you to invest in the right way and, therefore, to earn through our system straight away. We will put at your disposal a dedicated number 24/7 and your consultant will be able to answer every question on the progress of the graph and the algorithm.